Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Japan Little Witch Mascara Dolly Brown [Review]

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while since I did a review for a Japanese makeup brand, so I thought I'd do one today :)

For a short period of time, I had decided to do more "natural" makeup which would be using brown eyeliner and mascara (I guess) so I decided on the brown mote mascara!
Also this mascara combines anti-aging care & moisture in the mascara, doesn't that sound neat?

The straight brush allows for easy application, the brush can get a little messy so just have to be careful of that

1: no makeup
2: curled lashes
3: with mascara 

I really love this mascara! It is very natural for a natural dolly look! And the mascara stays on for a very long time (supposed to be 24 hours) and doesn't cause the dreaded panda eyes! 

Also, removing the mascara is very easy! It can come off easily with warm water ^_^

no panda eyes
lasts long
easy to use 
natural looking
smudge proof

brush can get messy

What do you think of this product? I'd love to hear your opinion~!

available on sasa!

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